medical service


This is a very light software package to maintain patient’s history for the current and future visits. It can be connected to the different departments such as diagnostics, labs, pharmacy, account, etc.; which does not even require an external internet connection. It can be used for:

  • Storing patient’s medical history, prescriptions and diagnosis and test results.
  • Once combined with simple speech to text package, it can result in better utilization of doctor’s time
  • Generating statistical data for studying, measuring and profiling the data such as drug effectiveness, frequency of certain critical ailments and its demographics.


This is a light software package designed for small practices to facilitate the integration of digital world features with the medical practice. It provides following features:

  • Patient Management
  • Managing doctor’s notes and prescription
  • Patient’s history saved in soft form
  • Invoicing and cash collection
  • Medicine disbursement

medical service
medical billing


This is a light software package to accept any request from client in the form a ticket and provide him automated solution in the shortest possible time. This has a built-in mechanism to forward the raised tickets to the concerned department and provide live status of the open ticket for tracking purpose. The domains covered are:

  • IT infrastructure and connectivity
  • Medical equipment maintenance
  • New equipment purchase or Upgradation (Proposal preparation and quotation procurement)
  • Civil amenities (Electricians, Plumbers, Masons, etc.)
  • Viability / Feasibility R&D or Return on Investment (RoI) study

Swallowing Pattern Detector Device

Swallowing is a process in the human or animal body that makes something pass from the mouth, to the pharynx, and into the oesophagus, while shutting the epiglottis.

  • The device we have developed is capable of measuring the extent of opening in the throat for the passage of food and liquid. It consists of a pair of sensors followed by a signal conditioning device. The output of this device can be directly connected to a PC or a laptop through an audio port. Sensors are tucked on a flexible band to facilitate hands free operation. The movement of the throat muscle is measured by the transducers placed around the neck and converted into an electrical signal. The captured signal is filtered and conditioned before being displayed in a graphical form for an effective diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation process.

medical service
medical billing

Vaghmi support

Vaghmi is a speech diagnostic and threptic software developed by Dr. T.V. Anandpadmanabha ( which is capable of diagnosing and treating speech related disorders.

  • This is a very common software package extensively used by speech-language pathologists (SLPs). We are authorized agent for the sales and service of this product for last 5 years.