What we do...

Medical records indexing is an important function within any healthcare facility and needs to be managed very clearly with great attention to accuracy and detail. This helps medical staff access all the information that they need quickly and easily to determine treatment options as well as to be compliant with patient data storage and healthcare document management requirements.

At Mindstack Solutions, we offer high-quality professional indexing services to help you manage the patient records and related documents in a methodical and well-ordered pattern. Our team helps in managing the patients’ medical data, including demographics, treatment-related informations, clinical history, lab reports, health insurance ID, insurance entitlements, health service provider notes and EOBs

Instead of keeping paper based records, digitizing and indexing the medical records seem to be the simplest solution for that. We place the professionals experienced in medical terminologies and the medical billing process to examine each scanned document. Medical records indexing of these documents are moved into the appropriate folders and sub-folders. This facilitates easy retrieval of the records and also saves on storage and administrative costs.

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